Friday, March 06, 2009

Old guy rant, be warned!

Hey all you Twitters, or is it Twitsters? Let's just say Twits, that seems to fit. Too convenient, huh?

Does anyone really care what you or I are doing every friggin second of the day? We have cell phones, we have email, we have facebook, we have texting, and now we have...Twitter.

I have friends that use this thang, but I refuse to give in to it's insidious attempt at world domination. I mean, really, how much can you really say in 140 characters (or however many it is...I am going by a Jon Stewart report and my own crappy memory on this one)? Can it really be that important? When I heard of those ding dongs at the State of the Union (or whatever it was) twittering while Obama talked, that was it baby, the final straw.

We have gotten to a state of too much information, too much sharing, too much self importance. Do you really need a cell phone receiver stuck in your ear? And a pager on your belt? And a twit saying "I just walked into Wal-Mart, and boy does it stink?"

I guess I have to somehow bring it back to art, don't I? Well, there was an assignment I did awhile back that related somewhat to this, though it focused more on gaming, as you see below. Really, it's pretty much the same thing. And hey, for 200., it's yours (negotiable)!


CGriffin said...

Hey, now! I Tweet! But it always has a point...begging for a critique, venting briefly, that sort of thing. I try to make my 140 charcters vaguely purposeful. It's a great way to spread nuggets of info. It's also a great way to seem vain and boring, if you're not careful.

kenmeyerjr said...

Well, I will most likely give the benefit of the doubt to my friends, but I stand by what I say...

The nuggets of info most people spread are inane ramblings you would hear walking down the street with them...not worth the wasted electricity. But hey, like I said...old man rant.